Internet Connection

Join the optical fibre network and put your business at the frontline of technology.

Internet Connection

Join the optical fibre network and put your business at the frontline of technology

As Australia’s PSTN and ISDN networks are being phased out, it’s time for businesses to strike out and find and internet solution that aligns with their growing network needs. The arrival of the NBN and the optical fibre network have brought access to the unbelievably fast internet which is set to revolutionise productivity in the digital workspace. Offering up to 10Gbps upload and download speeds and a more stable connection, AWD’s optical fibre solutions enable you to seamlessly handle big workloads and will position your business at the forefront of its industry.

AWD offer end to end business grade fibre optic connection services designed to transform the operational efficiency of your network and ensure a smooth transition to the fibre network.

AWD offers all of the most common types (and variations) of connections including Fibre, NBN, Fixed Wireless, 4G and interconnecting office branches.

What We Offer

  • Network monitoring
  • Firewall / Router Management and installation
  • Network consultation
  • Private Networks
  • 4G Primary and Backup connections
  • High availability setups
  • Unlimited Internet plans
  • 12 to 60 months contracts

Complete project management

As your internet connection provider, AWD takes care of everything associated with the project. We take on the administrative onus of your internet connection so that you can focus on your core business competencies.

Business grade products

In the IT industry, there is a world of difference between business and consumer grade products. Because AWD exclusively provide ICT solutions to Melbourne businesses, all of the products and services we offer are specifically designed to fulfil the complex operational requirements of a business network.

Over 20 years of industry expertise

Since 1997, AWD has been providing Melbourne businesses with quality ICT solutions. During this time, we’ve witnessed the workplace digital revolution and numerous tech trends come and go. Backed by this wealth of experience, we are able to create long-term network solutions that have the flexibility to evolve as technology does.

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