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Empower Your Business with RMail - the Global Email Security Solution from RPost

Looking for an all-in-one service experience? RMail offers the most secure and certified email encryption capabilities for privacy and compliance, e-signatures, and web forms for easy digitisation of workflows, e-delivery tracking, and managed file transfer to simplify the secure sharing of large files. Its AI-infused apps minimize human errors to help you prevent data leaks while document-level digital rights management ensures you have document control even after transmission.

Why Choose RMail

  • Seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Salesforce (and more platforms)
  • Digitise important communications, accelerating business and saving postal mail and delivery costs
  • Protect your business against wire fraud and BEC (spear-phishing) attacks
  • Complies with HIPAA/GDPR (and more)
  • Receive legal proof of email send, delivery, and open, including original content and attachments
  • Prevent costly human e-security errors

Used by more than 25 million people across the world


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