Enterprise Solutions

Sophisticated web solutions for industry leaders.

Enterprise done right

Enterprise is a term that gets bandied about a lot by vendors in the web industry. It’s generally used by businesses to express a desire in working with enterprise level companies, rather than to signify that they have the experience or resources necessary to manage the complex challenges faced by companies at this level. AWD stands apart in the web design industry with our enterprise web solutions, designed to implement the critical processes and innovative business models that enterprise organisations need to thrive.


We pride ourselves on providing our clients with comprehensive strategies that produce a consistent and reliable web architecture with the support and services necessary to navigate the digital environment at an enterprise level.

  • Security: A high level of data security is crucial at the enterprise level, and AWD are experts at creating a secure environment that eliminates the risk of data loss, whilst ensuring compliance.
  • Integration: Our commitment to custom design means our projects seamlessly integrate with our clients’ pre-existing business models, and streamline their database management requirements.
  • Lead generation: Engaging a target audience is crucial to success in any business, and that’s why we foreground business objectives such as lead generation and conversion optimisation when developing an enterprise strategy.
  • Performance: No enterprise can afford downtime, and that’s why AWD uses a tailored infrastructure to manage the challenges of enterprise level web development. For example, by spreading different web functions across multiple secure servers, we can virtually eliminate downtime whilst maximising both speed and performance.
  • Productivity: At the top, the margin for error is razor thin, so our enterprise strategies always focus on boosting productivity by minimising management and reducing double handling.

Why choose AWD?

AWD have been providing web solutions at the enterprise level since our inception in 1996. During that time, we have worked with industry leaders on a diverse range of web projects ranging from developing a highly-sophisticated pricing engine (a web application and CMS) for Glencore Grain which works with 1-3 million different units of data every day, through to front end database integration for Supercheap Auto Services in the form of a windscreen pricing module that hooks up to their master pricing database through a web service.

Certified by the best in the industry

AWD has a swathe of certified partnerships with industry leaders including Google and Microsoft. These certified partnerships ensure that we are up to date with the latest industry trends and developments, and enable us to provide our clients with state of the art web solutions.

A proven delivery methodology

Transparency and accountability are values at the heart of our quality assurance. We use our extensive industry experience and project management expertise to properly analyse and assess the viability of each project before we begin, and a dedicated project manager keeps our clients fully informed throughout the design and development process.

A dedicated team

AWD guarantees that every aspect of a web project we undertake will be designed, managed and executed by established professionals with the relevant expertise and experience. That means that if you undertake a web design project with us, it will be crafted by a web designer, coded by a developer, have content written by copywriters, and be overseen by technical implementation specialists as well as project managers.