Disaster Recovery

Keep your business up and running regardless of the circumstances.

AWD’s layered protection solutions

Take a proactive approach to protect your data assets with AWD’s layered protection solutions and comprehensive business continuity planning. We have the resources and tools necessary to provide our clients with a complete range of disaster recovery services including internet continuity, hardware rentals, and backup for data, systems, and configurations.

Comprehensive data recovery solutions that provide peace of mind

Data backup is the core of any business continuity strategy, but having a data backup without a preconfigured server means around a month of downtime whilst everything is setup again. AWD stands apart from other business continuity providers for the comprehensive nature of our backup strategy. We create a parallel server on the cloud means that an affected office can connect with the parallel server and be up and running again within 6-12 hours.

Why Choose AWD?

Clients choose our business continuity planning services because AWD can provide them with properly established disaster recovery processes which go way beyond data backup. At their core, our business continuity services provide clients with the knowledge that no matter what kind of threat is on the horizon, the disaster recovery strategy we've put in place will have their office back up and running in hours, not days or weeks. As an IT provider, AWD stands out in the industry with our entirely Melbourne based operations. With an in-house team of IT specialists, and a server based in Melbourne office, we have all the tools and resources required to efficiently and effective manage issues as they arise.

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