Your IT Solutions and Cybersecurity Partner

For over 26 years, AWD has helped Australian businesses grow.

AWD was founded in 1997 with the purpose of enabling small businesses to access innovative IT solutions which would ensure their long-term success.

Now, two and a half decades later and in conjunction with cutting-edge cybersecurity offerings and web design capabilities, we are proud to say our business has become a full-service agency for all digital needs! With data at the root of everything we do here at AWD, you can be sure your organisation is set up for maximum growth potential in this digital modern age.

What makes us different

When you partner with AWD, every service is managed by our professional team.

If you have a server installed through us, our engineering team will be there to set everything up, if you need IT support, one of our technical specialists will be on call to assist you, if you enquire about consultation with your ISO 27001 certification journey, our knowledgable consultants will provide you with the best advice, and if you choose to invest in a website, the project will be undertaken by our team of web designers, developers, UX/UI specialists, and copywriters.

AWD is a long-term partner for your organisation.

As a specialist in information security, we believe that every organisation should be able to operate and grow in a secure environment.

We help businesses and organisations protect their most valuable data and assets – no matter where they are.

As a trusted provider of cyber security solutions, we employ highly qualified and accredited security experts, who work with organisations to deliver comprehensive security solutions to businesses and organisations. By combining the expertise of our staff with industry-leading security tools, we enable you to achieve your business objectives more efficiently and more effectively in the fast-moving technological environment.

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