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When it’s done right, AdWords can be a valuable tool for businesses looking to help their web presence gain traction and quickly boost traffic. Theoretically, anyone can use AdWords, but to be truly effective, the keywords you bid on need to be properly researched and coupled with a strong web presence (ideally one which is conversion optimised). As Google Partners, AWD are in constant communication with the AdWords management team at Google Australia, making us ideally placed to help you plan, develop, execute and manage a high quality AdWords campaign.

Our philosophy

There are many ways to use AdWords as a marketing tool, which is why it’s important to work with an AdWords management services provider who takes the time to both analyse the market and understand the scope of your business as well as your digital marketing goals, and then uses this information to develop an AdWords strategy. At AWD, we take an ROI approach to search engine marketing to ensure our clients end up with a pay-per-click campaign which not only drives qualified leads to their site, but also boosts the likelihood of conversion. Our goal is to align our client’s landing pages with targeted keywords to create an AdWords campaign with a high quality score, so it is ultimately more economic and effective.

Our Capabilities

AWD offer a comprehensive range of AdWords campaign approaches including:
• Remarketing campaigns
• Display network campaigns
• Competitor campaigns
• Service campaigns
• Brand campaigns

Our Approach

To create an AdWords campaign with a high quality score, our SEM technical experts will determine which search keywords most closely correlate with conversions on your website and then begin bidding on them. Next, our professional copywriters will refine your ad copy and optimise your landing pages so that they align with the chosen AdWords. This process may also involve our web designers and developers, depending on the requirements of your campaign. Once your campaign is underway, we’ll provide you with access to reporting tools so that you can measure the ROI.

Why Choose AWD?

Partnering with AWD for your digital marketing needs has many benefits including:

Access to our in-house team of certified AdWords specialists, copywriters, digital marketing strategists, designers and SEM technical experts

Integrated digital marketing solutions focused on helping your business grow and thrive in the long term

A full suite of digital marketing services including SEO, CRO, content marketing, social media marketing, digital strategy development and email marketing

Our Successes

Discover some of the ways the AWD team has used Google Ads and pay per click advertising to provide clients with instant search engine visibility and leads.

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