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Best-in-class Managed IT Services, Support, VoIP/SIP and Security Solutions for businesses in Melbourne.

Remote Office Setup -
Just like being in the office

During these uncertain times, it’s becoming the norm for businesses to work remotely. AWD can help you set up the remote working environment you need for your business to thrive during this pandemic.

Our IT consultants will walk you through what approach works best for your workflow – tailoring solutions to fit your business model and helping you to monitor projects over long distances.

Get in touch with our consultants today to ensure your business is adequately prepared for remote work.

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IT Services for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

AWD is a leading IT Company in Melbourne, offering a full suite of IT services which are custom designed to help your unique business needs. Our team of certified IT engineers, consultants and telecommunication specialists have experience working with different industries including retail, manufacturing, construction, medical, legal, education and many more.

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For Small to Medium Business Owners managing IT services is time consuming and impractical. We specialise in IT support services, Network auditing, and project management so you don’t have to.

We will evaluate, update, monitor, and refine your networks and communications. Only pay for the hardware and software your business needs and get more out of your existing infrastructure investment. If you are based in Melbourne or Sydney and require IT support, contact us today.

Why Choose AWD?

Pro-active Support
We believe that effective IT management should be proactive rather than reactive. We are committed to developing proactive IT solutions which ensure business continuity is prioritised.
24/7 Service
We monitor and manage your IT environment 24/7. We strive to resolve IT issues in a timely manner to minimise business interruptions.
Certified Engineers
Our IT engineers and consultants are trained to remain up to date with the latest technology trends, ensuring the high level of security we provide evolves to mitigate emerging threats.
Local Melbourne Team
Many IT providers outsource their work overseas, which often leads to compromised quality control. Based in our Melbourne office, AWD’s IT team are able to provide a full suite of managed IT services.

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