Simple Permits

Having a more flexible, cloud-based environment perfectly aligned with Simple Permits growing business needs and has resulted in a staff productivity increase of over 50%. In addition to this, the telephony as a service solution increased not only communication flexibility and functionality, but also reduced the business’ telephony costs by 45%.

The Company
Simple Permits is dedicated to making the building permit application process as straightforward and painless as possible. With quality assured systems, broad experience in the property sector, and continued building surveying professional developments, Simple Permits is well placed to ensure the best possible outcome for their clients.
The Challenge
As a growing business, Simple Permits needed to upgrade their network infrastructure to manage a constantly evolving workload as well as address the challenges of spreading the business across multiple locations, and improve overall network security.
Our Solution
After identifying Simple Permit’s challenges and business goals, AWD’s network engineers devised a cloud based infrastructure plan which involves migrating their data to a new, cloud based IT infrastructure featuring a cloud desktop environment, telephony as a service, and new internet connectivity. The new setup was designed to run in parallel with Simple Permits legacy system to enable a gradual transition across and was accompanied by staff training to ensure everyone was familiarised with the new system.
Bottom Line

60% hardware reduction costs

Reduced Telephony costs by over 40%

40%+ staff productivity increase