Cloud migration has provided Matchbox’s head office with virtually limitless storage, processing power and communication capabilities whilst eliminating business continuity issues. Managed IT services have also eliminated the costs associated with internal IT personnel and dramatically sped up the support process with requests now virtually actioned in real time.

The Company
An established independent kitchenware and cookware retailer, Matchbox has more than 25 stores across Queensland, Westerns Australia and Victoria and has established a reputation for their comprehensive range of quality cookware brands and knowledgeable staff.
The Challenge
Matchbox was looking to add value and improve efficiency across their business operations by enabling the real-time exchange of accounts and inventory data between head office and retail outlets as well as upgrading the existing IT infrastructure to improve flexibility and lifecycle.
The Solution
Given the impressive scope of Matchbox’s retail operations and the type of data being used, AWD’s IT engineers determined that a cloud-based solution would be the best fit. AWD oversaw the cloud migration process from conception through to completion, creating a unique cloud architecture to suit Matchbox complex business requirements and liaising with third party vendors to ensure the finished product not only fulfilled the original aims of the project, but was planned and rolled out in a way that ensured business continuity.

Bottom Line

99%+ uptime achieved

98% of issues handled within 10 minutes

Increase in staff productivity by 30%+