What 2015 technology predictions mean for developers

Successful developers and programmers have to remain up-to-date on changes in technology and as we embark on a new year, it’s important to set out just what technology predictions mean for developers.


There is set to be increases in mobile exploits in direct response to the increasing use of cloud solutions. It is anticipated that the mobile sphere is going to experience significant security breaches and developers are being warned against rushing their releases. Taking the necessary precautions to appropriately assess the security situation of any application is going to be vital in troubleshooting damaging scenarios.

SaaS and cloud growth

The cloud is becoming more and more attractive as a response to consumers demands for increasing mobility. As SaaS and cloud are picked up more broadly, developers are placed in a position where they will need to make programming preparations. It’s important to note in this regard that making developments in the cloud is totally different to real time developments, especially when it comes to the range of different needs in terms of configurations and testing. All signs point to “Go” when it comes to developing in the cloud, as across the board it is becoming more popular.

Mobile devices

These days, it’s all about the tablet – who would have thought way back when they first appeared that developers would completely alter the face of these platforms? Mobile devices are looking to replace laptops, which means for developers developing in the web space, it will demand a highly responsive approach. The bottom line is that applications are going to need to be available on mobile devices, without exception. This means developers need to learn more languages that allow them to develop across a broader range of platforms.



The age old adage in the hospitality industry applies in the digital space too – the customer is always right. Businesses are beginning to see that the end-user is the most important piece of the puzzle and their collective experience is really the defining factor of any company. For developers, this will mean that interfaces need to be innovative, visually appealing, and easy to use, with code written with the future in mind, as opposed to technical debt.

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