5 Wireless Startups to Watch

The technology innovations that we have witness over the past decade have transformed almost every area of business and consumer interactions. From how we shop and where we obtain information to when we connect and where we work; every aspect of our lives has been fundamentally changed in this Wi‐Fi‐enabled, device‐driven, app‐based, social media‐networking decade. As the Internet of Things (IoT) evolves and our lives become more and more connected, there are a few international start-ups that are leading the wireless industry and standing at the forefront of this technological innovation.

Here are our favourite wireless start-ups that you should keep an eye on as they transform the way we interact with the virtualisation of the real world.

1. AOptix

AOptix is penetrating deep space with their laser-radio technology (LRT). They invented the technology which astronomers can use to take photos of deep space objects. With more than US $123 million in investment funds, this award-winning company is clearly one to watch.

2. Beep

Beep is leading the pack with regards to the IoT trend. Beep is the developer of technology that enables communication across long distances using minimal energy via a network of sensors.

Beep was founded by former Google employees last year. It has since raised US $4 million in seed funding from a number of venture capitalists.

3. Estimote

Perhaps one of the most exciting for every-day possibilities is the product being made by Estimote. Estimote makes tiny stickers that act as beacons in another IoT development. You attach the stickers to anything so that you can use your mobile iOS or Android device to find them. Never lose your keys or shoes again with Estimote. Retailers can use Estimote for marketing and sales, and you can even use the beacons to help with navigating through spaces.

With offices in Poland and New York, Estimote is a long-term IoT player, having been founded in 2012 and raising US $3.1 million in seed funding.

4. Open Signal

Open Signal users take advantage of a worldwide map of data and mobile coverage. The map shows local mobile coverage towers, their respective networks and Wi-Fi hotspots in the area. Users with the Open Signal app provide anonymous data from their mobile device as they move around.

Open Signal aims to be the ‘global authority on wireless networks,’ and it is well on its way. Founded in 2010 by a team of Oxford physics graduates, it has raised US $4 million in funding.

5. Veniam

Forget the Internet of Things. Veniam is creating the Internet of Moving Things. Veniam’s product is designed to turn public transport into WiFi hotspots.

The Internet of Things can’t function without cloud-based applications to interpret and transmit the data coming from all of these sensors. The cloud is what enables the apps to perform the tasks you use them for anytime, anywhere. As IoT evolves at a rapid pace, storage challenges are arising on a range of devices, and this year has been predicted to be a big year for business-to-consumer cloud services to support IoT.

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