Working Remotely: The Pressure of Cybersecurity

This year’s pandemic has made remote working a breeze for some and a difficult learning curve for others. Not every job is suited for remote working, but regardless of the occupation, if you’re an SME (or even a large enterprise) then the topic of cybersecurity may have crossed your mind. Whilst your office’s system might be locked down tight, your employees working from home could present new security threats. Employees will have to deal with the shortcomings of non-enterprise internet speeds and connections in addition to potentially unsecured endpoints.

Cloud-based tools such as Office 365 and G–Suite allow for seamless collaboration between employees and fantastic scalability options regardless of location. But things can become a little trickier if entire environments are based in the cloud and being accessed by various employees from different locations. The appropriate firewalls need to be put into place with multi-factor authentication solutions ensuring all avenues are covered. This may seem like a daunting task – especially for larger businesses – but it’s important to understand that every endpoint device that has access to sensitive information (laptop, mobile, router etc.) is a potential security risk that must be secured.

Whether your employees are working on their personal devices or accessing their workstation remotely via programs like Citrix, strong security measures should be taken as COVID-19 has revealed a weakness in a lot of businesses’ IT infrastructure that stems from unsecured endpoint devices at home and a lack of knowledge. Ensure your business is adequately secured and ready for the new age of remote working.

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