Windows 10 lands on July 29 and brings positive changes

For years now, Windows 8 has been a big source of debate. Some people love it, and other people hate it. The introduction of Windows 8.1 relieved a few of the issues, such as the missing start button, but overall many people opted to stick with the more familiar feel of Windows 7 instead of upgrading, Now, Windows 10 just might be the OS that changes things. Microsoft’s new offering comes with quite a few nifty features that could convince the skeptics to leave Windows 7 behind and take a leap forward. It could even be the new go-to OS for business IT systems, but only time will tell.

The Return of the beloved Start Menu

One of the biggest changes is the return of the beloved Start Menu. Windows 8.1 brought the button back, but Windows 10 goes a step further. For desktop users, the start menu will be basically back to normal. Of course there are visual enhancements and the Windows 8 start screen icons are still there, but it should make it a bit easier for people to navigate compared to its predecessor. Windows 10 is optimized for both keyboard and touch input.

Cortana – personal digital assistant

Another big addition is Cortana, Microsoft’s personal digital assistant software. This program will bring a much more personal feel to Windows 10, and will be handy to use as well. Also, the days of keying in your password every time you boot up could be a thing of the past. Windows Hello will greet you by name and will enable the use of biometric authentication instead of the traditional password. Of course, to use biometric access, you’ll need either a specialized camera for facial or iris recognition, or a fingerprint reader, which a number of laptops now include.

New Office

With any new Windows OS, it’s a pretty sure bet that a new Office suite isn’t far behind. This is also true of Windows 10. There will be new versions of Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Access, which will provide a consistent user experience from tablet to PC. Naturally, the upcoming Office 2016 desktop suite will be optimised for use on Windows 10.

Great news for Gamers

There are perks for gamers too, including Xbox for Windows 10, which will allow you to communicate with other PC and Xbox One players while playing any PC game. Also, Windows 10 brings with it DirectX 12, and games designed to use it will see speed, graphics, and efficiency improvements. All around, Windows 10 looks to be a significant improvement over its predecessor, and the free upgrade for Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 users gives you the perfect opportunity to step up and give it a try without worrying about hurting your wallet. The free upgrade period lasts for one year, so come July 29th, grab your copy of Windows 10 and see for yourself if it’s your cup of tea.

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