The benefits of managed IT support for SMEs

If you’re running a small to medium sized enterprise (SME), you might find it difficult to keep on top of your IT systems and the day-to-day tech issues that arise. This is where managed IT services can make your business more efficient and save you money. SMEs often don’t have the resources to hire an IT manager or maintain your own IT department, and when a tech disaster strikes, you might struggle to resolve the problem in-house. Here are 3 key ways your business can benefit from outsourcing your IT to a company that specialises in managing information technology.

Accessible IT support whenever you need it

Small and medium sized businesses can’t risk losing business due to their IT systems failing. Issues such as security breaches, network outages, software and system updates, and hardware changes and adjustments can all impact upon your team’s ability to run the business and service your customers.

When you outsource your IT needs to experts like the team at AWD you benefit from access to onsite, on demand support to your business. You can contact AWD’s IT specialists via phone or email and someone can come directly to you or resolve your problem remotely.


Significant cost savings for your business

You might think that managed IT services will be not be affordable but with fixed cost IT managed services you can work IT costs into your business budget and plan your company’s financial future with confidence. This means no more unpredictable IT costs popping up throughout the year. With a fixed cost plan we bundle all the likely IT events and issues that you might expect. If the situation arises where we recommend activities that go beyond the scope of your contract we will always advise you first so that you are in a position to make an informed choice.

With managed IT support you always have IT experts on hand without needing to pay full-time salaries. You don’t need to worry about recruitment or training of IT professionals. You can take care of your business and let us worry about your IT.

You can also scale your managed IT services depending on the growth or downsizing of your business. This helps you to manage costs as you can grow or shrink your bandwidth, storage and power as needed.


Managed IT services means your systems are safe

Technology is constantly evolving and new threats to your IT security are constantly emerging. As an SME owner, you’re already very busy and these changes can be difficult to keep track of. If you have managed IT services, this team can stay on top of your technology solutions for you, letting you know if there are any new IT solutions your business requires to safeguard it from security threats.

Your risk is also reduced because you can rest assured that you have an IT team constantly watching over your tech systems, continuously working on prevention rather than fixing problems after a security breach.
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