Should We Make The Switch to A Remote Workplace Environment?

With technology and infrastructure becoming more accessible than ever before, more and more businesses are giving their employees the option to work remotely. One of the main ways they are doing so is by using cloud-based networks. While this does come with multiple benefits – one of the key advantages being higher employee satisfaction – there are several IT implications to be considered before making the switch. Here we look at three questions you should ask yourself before embracing the remote working movement.


Does it meet my security needs?

One major issue with remote working is that employees tend to use their own devices, such as laptops and mobile phones. For some businesses, this can present serious security issues, such as the potential for devices to be lost or stolen, as well as more easily hacked by someone outside of your team. This has financial and legal implications, so it’s definitely one to think about. To offset these risks, you consider investing in software that allows you to keep security programs up-to-date remotely, such as Windows Intune. You can also install encryption software that protects classified material.

Another ideal solution is to move your business to a completely cloud-hosted IT network infrastructure. That way your staff will have access to your information and software from whereever they choose to work. You can also ensure the integrity of your information and network as a reputable IT company will implement cloud security as part of the service. This allows you to prevent would-be hackers and malware from accessing your company’s business intelligence by housing behind secured encryption.

AWD has first level protections in the form of spam-blocking and permission controls. We ensure secure communication between your internal staff and your clients through class leading security software and encryption technology.

Our Cloud Vault also offers a cost effective and secure hourly backup and restore service that keeps pace with your business.

You may even choose just to have your employees’ desktops and the applications they currently use in your business run on AWD’s servers by using our Cloud Desktop service.


How will we file share?

Another big question for businesses moving to remote working arrangements is how data sharing will be managed. As cloud sharing becomes increasingly popular and accessible, so too does its viability for businesses. Microsoft 365, for example, now comes with a complete range of file sharing tools for linked users, across both mobile and computer devices. There is also a range of Google Apps dedicated specifically to this purpose, making it particularly viable for small businesses.


How will we manage IT support?

Asking how to implement the right systems to support remote working environments is important, but it’s also critical to consider how these will be maintained. With each employee spending so much time outside of the office, it can be difficult to make sure that the necessary updates and procedures are kept in place. Ensure you make a plan with your IT support team as to how they plan to keep the aforementioned issues, such as security and file sharing, under control. You should also consider developing a remote work compliance plan for your employees, ensuring they fully appreciate the risks and responsibilities – from an IT perspective – that come with a remote workforce.

AWD can help you choose the best way to implement a remote working environment and ensure both security and IT support are built in to your package.

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