Keeping your IT security up to date: a best-practice approach

With more and more stories about computer hackers hitting the media, it seems that no one is safe when it comes to keeping the contents of their computer private. Hacking can be extremely damaging not just to a company’s reputation, but also to the privacy of its clients. With recent victims including Sony Pictures, Facebook, Twitter, Target and a multitude of celebrities, it might be time to review your IT security system. Here we look at a best-practice approach to keeping the contents of your computer under lock and key.


Do your research

The first phase in reviewing or implementing IT security is to do your research. Assess what software, policies and procedures you already have in place, and whether they are meeting your needs. Ask yourself, are there any regulations that you need to be meeting to be IT security compliant? What are the latest IT services available to cater for your needs? Develop a plan of action that helps to address key concerns and objectives in updating your security plan. AWD can conduct and IT Audit and Review to give you a clear idea of vulnerabilities and the appropriate security strategies for your business.


Implement your plan of action

Based on the strategy developed in the research phase, you are now ready to implement your plan of action. Always ensure that you test any new changes to your security system before going live, and make the necessary adjustments. Most importantly, make sure you take the time to educate your team about the new changes – IT security is only effective when everyone is dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the system.

Review and evaluate

Once your new IT security system is in place, ensure that you undertake regular evaluation. Like any well oiled system, it needs to develop and grow with your business, otherwise it will quickly become outdated and unsuited to your needs. Be flexible about your needs so that your IT security stays relevant over time.

Maintain and repeat!

Keeping your IT security effective is an ongoing process. Ensure that you dedicate the required IT support resources to maintaining your system, regularly updating it and reviewing it when necessary. Never be afraid of returning to step one if that’s what your business needs. If you can do this, you are well on your way to keeping you and your clients safe from potential computer hacks. Contact our IT consultants today about safeguarding and future proofing your business.

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