How SMBs Can Secure Against Cyberattacks: Part I

Securing your small business is a no-brainer in today’s age – especially with the new WFH practices that so many businesses have adopted. In this first part of our SMB cybersecurity trilogy, we’re going to look at five elements that are essential for every small business to consider in order to maintain a healthy and secure IT infrastructure. So, let’s get started with an essential introduction – a security assessment.

Security assessment

A trusted IT security solutions company such as AWD is trained and equipped with the right knowledge and tools to ensure every aspect of your business’ IT infrastructure is properly assessed and evaluated. This will work to reveal any vulnerabilities that can then be closed as well as provide a baseline that can be used for future assessments (as this is something that should be done on an annual basis).

Email hygiene

Placing proper safeguards in place for your email exchange is an essential step in circumventing cyberattacks. 94% of malware attacks were delivered via email according to Verizon’s 2019 data breach report. We can help you choose a service that is specifically designed to reduce spam and identify potentially dangerous emails. Additionally, common sense and cautious action are also required when opening attachments.

Solid password practice

In addition to ensuring passwords are never repeated – you should also take advantage of limiting network or USB file storage access to those who require it by using passwords. By using complex passwords, you also limit the possibility of brute-force cyberattacks from occurring.

Team awareness

Ensuring your employees are competent and aware of the dangers associated with cyberattacks is a key factor in bolstering your cybersecurity. It is not uncommon for the human element to be the cause of a cyber breach. AWD offers web-based training solutions to assist in this matter.

Multi-factor authentication

Introducing multi-factor authentication into your systems is highly beneficial and recommended as it adds extra layers of protection. You won’t have to rely on your password being exposed as it’ll become just one piece of the puzzle. We highly recommend implementing MFA wherever you can – banking sites, social media, your network and even for remote desktop functionality.

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