Do You Deserve Better from Your IT Company?

If you have to think twice about your answer, then perhaps this is a good time to think about finding the right IT service provider for your business. So, how do you go about choosing the right IT company? Here is a list of 10 important questions you should ask when hunting for an IT service provider or assessing your current IT company:

  1. Is the IT Support Helpdesk phone answered by a ‘real’ person?

At AWD we have real people manning our helpdesk, not an automated phone maze.

AWD’s Australia-based IT Support Helpdesk provides both telephone and email support. When you contact the AWD Helpdesk you will immediately reach an IT expert who will ask you a few quick questions to investigate and resolve the problem.

  1. What are your response times?

Our IT support team can resolve most support requests within a matter of minutes. We can provide immediate remote computer desktop assistance for minor technical issues. No matter what your IT emergency is, we will provide you with an ETA for the resolution of your IT problem which can be done remotely or alternatively  we can organise onsite IT support.

  1. How do you charge for your IT Managed Services?

Managing internal IT needs can be a real headache for Office Managers, and cost prohibitive for business owners considering hiring internal IT managers. By outsourcing your IT to AWD you get access to 16 years of experience of managing end-to-end IT solutions for small and medium-sized businesses at a reasonable price. Based on an initial consultation and assessment we provide you with a quote so that you can plan your company’s financial future with confidence.

We offer both fixed cost and flexible pricing options – it’s your choice.

  1. Can you provide me with some references or testimonials?

  1. How safe is my data?

As part of our Network Security audit you will receive our recommendations for taking actions to mitigate or eradicate vulnerabilities. The goal is to prevent hackers, data corruption, malware and other negative outcomes before they eventuate by locating and acting on potential weaknesses.

Our IT Audits include but are not limited to:

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery audit

  • IT Infrastructure audit

  • Desktop infrastructure audit

  • General practice IT Security audit

  • Software licensing and compliance audit

  1. What happens if I find myself faced with a data disaster?

Your data is the lifeblood of your business. If your business data is not being backed-up regularly you risk losing everything from client contact details through to contracts and internal documentation. If the worst happens our disaster recovery services can retrieve a recent backup to ensure you can keep doing business.

Your data is safe with AWD’s layered protection strategy ensuring that there is always a version onsite and offsite with several points of failure.

  1. Can you help me if I decide to make the move to the Cloud?

AWD provides Cloud Services which provide you with access to all your data from wherever you are. Using cloud services you can decouple your workplace from your work and start doing business from everywhere and anywhere. Rather than investing in the necessary hardware to power a business, cloud networking allows you the option to utilize AWD’s hardware to power your team.

AWD can help you make a smooth and safe transition if you choose to move to the cloud.

  1. Will you try to sell me hardware/software I don’t actually need?

Your IT infrastructure is your business’ engine room. Many small to medium-sized businesses have developed sophisticated IT infrastructure on an Ad Hoc basis. Any downtime in your organization’s network can be costly, frustrating and slow productivity.

When AWD takes on new clients we review their existing implementation and design and look for methods to improve and streamline each facet, and the overarching system as a whole.

When your current network has been audited and evaluated we can begin taking action to remedy any and all shortfalls. Our IT team will advise you regarding any additional hardware and software which is required for your IT infrastructure to meet your company’s growing needs. Often we find that simply repurposing the existing network to make full use of its capacity is sufficient, with upgrades needed in software only.

  1. Are you accountable?

We understand that your choice of a technology partner can radically impact on the functioning, growth and prosperity of your business. AWD doesn’t on-board clients, we build relationships. We base our IT Solutions, Web Solutions and Digital Marketing divisions around our core values: transparency, accountability and measurability. You will know the names of the team members responsible for implementing your project.

  1. What do you believe makes your service unique?

  • Local Inhouse Team

  • Complete Integrated Solutions

  • Business Focus

  • Personal and Professional Service

We understand that trust is key. Our local team walks you through each action so you have confidence that our integrated solutions are the best match for your company’s needs.

Our goal is to integrate with your business and become an additional IT and Web department that seamlessly operates as part of your core business.


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