Considering BYOD in your business?

A growing trend these days is “bring your own device” (BYOD) – letting staff supply their own mobile, laptop or tablet at work. But what does this mean for your business?

The positives of BYOD

BYOD can be good for your business because it means you don’t need to buy hardware, and perhaps even software. Plus, cash not tied up in equipment can be spent elsewhere. BYOD is good for your employees too because they are using equipment they like, are comfortable with, and with which they feel they can be most productive. They feel in control of their work situation and are empowered to go about their job in the way that best suits them. Happy employees are productive employees! So BYOD sounds like one of those rare win-win situations where both the business and employees benefit.

Look before you leap

There are some things you need to consider before implementing a BYOD approach:

1. You need to be clear about who’s responsible for the software on the device (including its purchase, installation and IT Support) – is it your employee or your business?

2. What about backing up the data? Backups are traditionally the role of an IT services group, but will yours be able to make backups of your employees’ devices?

3. What if the device is lost? Who pays for the replacement, and who will restore the data from the backups?

4. Data ownership – the device will have information on it that is confidential to your business, as well as the employee’s personal information. How will you, and the employee, keep the two separate, while providing access when it’s needed?

5. Other users – how will your employee prevent their young children from inadvertently sending spam emails to your key customers while playing with their parent’s tablet?

How can you make sure that your business is ready for BYOD?

You need to have a Mobile Device Management plan which addresses all of the above questions. One option might be providing a small list of devices for employees to choose from. This ensures all employees have something supported by your IT services group while still giving the choice that makes BYOD attractive.

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