A 2014 Lookback: Predictions vs. Reality

Now that we are well into 2015 it can be helpful to reflect on the predictions we made about the world of IT Services and IT Support in 2014 and compare this to what actually did transpire.
The year 2014 was a dynamic and eventful one as far as techonlogy is concerned. As begin a new year full of new challenges, it helps to take a look at some of the most significant predictions and actual developments of the year that was.

Cyber security was a hot topic of discussion in 2014. Incident response was predicted to go from strength to strength and as foreseen it is well on its way to maturing as an authentic business process. With security threats becoming an ever-increasing issue for organisations across the globe cyber security has been forced to develop in terms of efficiency and sophistication and for the most part these developments are taking place where and when they need to. In 2015 it is anticipated that while security breaches will still occur, these events will prompt a more integrated approach to IT support and management of serious security incidents.

Another prediction which came to fruition in 2014 was the prospect that greater online facilities would make use of two-factor authentication. We have certainly seen an increase in the emergence of two-factor technology vendors which has had the effect of improving the efficiency of all aspects of the service.

From both of the above accurate predictions, what we have learnt is that while security threats will always exist, a proactive approach to providing IT solutions, particularly in terms of response management, is going to be the best course of action going forward.

Contrary to predictions for 2014, we have not seen an increase in businesses which integrate software-defined networking (SDN) and adaptive perimeters. There was some growth in this technology but it simply was not implemented across the board in the way we expected it might. This prediction, however, holds strong for 2015, as the Internet of Things, amongst other factors, plays a role in seeing this need develop.

And when it does? As with cyber security, we need to be ready.

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