4 Ways to Secure your Data on The Cloud

Many businesses already use the cloud and as cloud technology develops even further, more and more companies will start using cloud based systems to store and back up their data. Despite how effective cloud technology is and all its advantages, there is one major concern: its security.

After last year’s infamous celebrity iCloud hack, cloud security justifiably came under scrutiny. If a celebrity can get hacked, surely a business could too and the data a business stores on their cloud can be a lot more sensitive than personal photos.

Whether it be a government agency, a rival company, an employee or a hacker, a number of groups or individuals may want to invade your cloud. To prevent this from happening, there are a few simple prevention measures you can take:

1. Choose your data wisely

The data you store on your cloud is what hackers want. Business owners may think it’s best to store back up all their data on their cloud. But in the case of extremely sensitive data the best way to protect it is to store it offline or using other appropriate solutions, and NOT on the cloud.

2. Use only one Cloud system

Most businesses would have one, universal cloud system that stores their data. However, employees in the company may use their own cloud system (generally an application such as Dropbox or Google Drive) to back up or store their data while they are working in it. All company data should be stored on the same, single cloud system. There is no need for multiple systems.

3. Encrypt before you send

When your data is on the cloud, it gets encrypted. This keeps it secure. But what about when its on its way to the cloud? The best thing you can do is encrypt your data before you send it to the cloud. This ensures that it is safe at its source, while it’s in transit and when it’s on the cloud.

4. Keep your keys separate

You should always store your encryption keys separate from your encrypted data. That means, do not store them on the cloud. If your encryption keys are secure and away from the cloud, even if your cloud gets hacked, your data will remain safe.

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