4 Technologies with the Potential to Change the World

Technology continues to change and grow, and some of the biggest advancements in IT services have been definite game changers. For instance, iTunes changed how people buy music, and the Android OS gave rise to smartphones, which has changed how people communicate. There are other advances that are on the horizon, and they have the potential to change the world as well.

Be My Eyes

This revolutionary app allows blind people to borrow a good set of eyes by linking them to people who can then engage in video chat and describe what they see thorough the camera on the blind user’s smartphone. This technology could give the blind a new way to see and also work as a way to build human connections between strangers.

Graphene Transistors

For a long time now, silicon has been the material of choice for processors, but its limit is about to be reached. Now, a new material called graphene looks to be the next big boy on the block. It has been dubbed as the world’s thinnest material, and it has already been put to use in successfully building the smallest transistor in the world. Given time to work out the bugs and kinks, graphene could be used to manufacture processors far faster that what is currently available.


The use of nanobots has long been the subject of movies and TV shows, making the tiny machines seem almost too good to be true. Thankfully, that’s not the case. Nanotech does exist and is being explored for many uses, especially in the medical field. They could be used to explore the body at a microscopic level as well as providing assistance in surgeries and general healing.

Quantum cryptography

As technology advances, so too does cyber security. Sadly, hackers and cyber-criminals tend are constantly working to find new ways to break through that security. In an effort to stop the bad guys, several companies are pushing the boundaries of data security by exploring quantum cryptography. By making use of quantum mechanics to increase the strength of data encryption, this innovation has the potential to change the face of the data security industry.

Is technology working for you or against you?

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