2015: Cloud Ramps Up for IoT

Business-to-consumer cloud services designed to support the Internet of Things are predicted to take off in 2015.

Over the past five years the cloud has become standard in the industry, with a huge increase in the number of consumers and businesses alike incorporating the cloud into their daily practices. As the Internet of Things evolves at a rapid pace it follows that there are storage challenges on a range of devices that must be solved, and this year is set to be the big year for business-to-consumer cloud services to support IoT.

To achieve this there will need to be key developments in the infrastructure of consumer products, which must have the built-in function of reporting and logging data. Google Drive has shown us how it can be done in terms of the capacity to transfer all data to the cloud instead of on a hard drive, but the Internet of Things will mean more and more data every week.

The storage of this data is going to be the big challenge in the next five years, with the Internet of Things services and suppliers creating over $300 billion in revenue, the bulk of that being in IT solutions that accommodate these increasing amounts of data. The consumer level is going to require access to these same storage and analytic solutions we use for businesses, and making these solutions available to consumers will have an enormous influence on the future developments of the Internet of Things.

Predicted to occur in tandem with these changes will be a transition towards more flexible networks and distributed data centres that offer real-time analysis of the Internet of Things data. In a similar way, infrastructure technologies such as software-defined networking will deal with the increase of data and analytics in our clouds.

Between now and 2020 the Internet of Things will increase growth in cloud infrastructure and storage solutions like never before, as cloud providers make the changes necessary to offer the underlying infrastructures and processing for data reporting and logging of consumer products.

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