One Sports

One Sports’ highly customised ecommerce approach has earned the company a number of new partnerships with sporting clubs and has also led to the website becoming a key digital platform for community sporting groups.

The Company
One Sports is a PUMA team sports partner, supplying customised sports playing kits and training gear to soccer and football clubs as well as schools, and universities in Australia. Their unique sales model sets them up as a market leader, giving local teams access to premium sportswear.
The Challenge
The client needed to grow their brand awareness to connect with sports clubs around the country. The goal was to increase sales and find a streamlined way to communicate with partnered sports clubs to showcase each team’s sports kits and provide an easy way to purchase online. They also needed a solution to support their sales team while acquiring new clientele.
The Solution
AWD created a customised ecommerce site with individualised team ‘locker rooms’ (one specialised section for each team) where members can browse and purchase customised sports kits. This solution allows each team to view their unique uniform options. With increased functionality, the site works as a wonderful sales tool to help showcase One Sports’ superior services.
Bottom Line

Increase in Online Sales

Reduced Telephony costs by over 40%

100% increase in revenue