CJ Arms

CJ Arms now has a modern and mobile friendly digital presence designed to organically grow leads by offering a superior user experience that showcases the company’s credentials. The updated branding positions CJ Arms as a professional industry leader and enables their expertise and successful projects to take centre stage.

The Company
Using a combination of landscape architecture and hydraulic, fire and civil engineering, CJ Arms specialise in developing sophisticated environmental and water sustainability solutions.
The Challenge
CJ Arms’ is a modern company using technically advanced approaches to water management, but their digital presence did not reflect this. The company’s website was not mobile friendly, and their branding was outdated. A refresh was needed to bring the company’s branding in line with their professional services.
Our Solution
We overhauled the company’s branding and created a clean, modern brand image which better suited CJ Arms industry standing and company philosophy. We used the updated branding and style guide to design a new mobile responsive website with a core focus on user experience. Next, we used the branding to create marketing materials including business cards, CVs and a proposal template. Finally, we extended their digital presence through social media setup and used SEO techniques to drive qualified leads to the new site.
Bottom Line

Complete brand overhaul

Custom 24 month digital marketing plan

Decreased cost per lead