AHWC Immigration Law

AHWC's updated brand image is highly polished and effective in showcasing the professional calibre of the services offered. Web traffic across the four sites continues to grow month on month and the number of qualified leads is also increasing as the company's digital presence becomes more established.

The Company
AHWC is a full-service immigration law firm specialising in Australian immigration law. They offer comprehensive services for a wide range of Australian visa types including partner, employer nominated, student, family, skilled migration, business, parent and visitor visas.
The Challenge
AHWC's branding and digital presence did not align with the calibre of professional services they have to offer. The company came to us seeking an increased value per customer as well as an expanded digital presence.
The Solution
We took a multichannel approach to this project. First, we overhauled AHWC's branding to give the company a more professional appearance. This involved creating a new brand and style guide, then putting these designs into action by creating print marketing materials such as brochures, print folders and business cards. To expand AHWC's digital presence, we created three new websites for specific visa types in addition to a new main site which listed all the company's services and credentials. We then went about increasing brand awareness and driving qualified traffic to the sites through a combination of Adwords, SEO and social media marketing.
Bottom Line

Complete brand overhaul

1st page results for campaign keywords

Increased online enquiries