Remote Office Setup & Support

AWD is here to help your business shift to a completely remote working environment with a host of comprehensive and detailed packages and services.

Three packages – limitless possibilities

Our experts have crafted three unique packages for your remote office so no matter what size business you’re running you’ll be able to take advantage of the latest and greatest hardware and software. With one of these three packages at your disposal, you can create a completely remote environment for you and your employees.

Even our most basic package comes with the intuitively collaborative Microsoft 365 platform that’ll make your employees feel like they’re beside each other working on the same project. This is just a taste of the sort of collaborative tools AWD can offer you – making your transition to a remote office as seamless as possible.

Already working from home? Our more advance package contains all the bells and whistles to take your business’ remote workstation to the next level with Citrix remote desktop software and server support from our technicians. All packages require a minimum of five users to purchase and each of their details can be found below:



1 x Phone handset (Cloud based PBX)
1 x End Point Security Desktop/Laptop
1 x Office365 Essentials
1 x OneDrive collaboration
1 x User Support



1 x handset (Cloud based PBX)
1 x Phone Teleconference
1 x End Point Security Desktop/Laptop
1 x Office365 Business Premium
1 x Server wth VPN Access
1 x OneDrive collaboration
1 x User Support



1 x handset (Cloud based PBX)
1 x Phone / Webcam Teleconference
1 x End Point Security Desktop/Laptop
1 x Office365 E3
1 x Citrix Cloud Desktop Server
1 x OneDrive collaboration
1 x User Support
1 x Server Support

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Features of our remote work setup


Comprehensive endpoint security measures managed by experienced technicians.

Cloud Collaboration

Office 365 can give you access to the ultimate collaborative experience, enabling your team members to work coherently with each other wherever they are.

Latest equipment

AWD can ensure that both your hardware and software is cutting edge and suits your businesses needs and applications – giving you the best opportunities even from a remote workstation.

Remote Desktop

With Citrix, you’ll be able to access your office desktop from anywhere – erasing the need to lug your gear home with you.

VPN Access

Let your employee’s access anything from your office’s server from home in a safe, secure and efficient manner.

Built For You

Each plan can be tailored to suit your individual business needs.


We’ll make sure you understand how to utilise everything in your plan so you can get the most out of your new infrastructure.

24/7 Support

Our technicians will be available anytime you require any additional support to ensure a complete and stress-free experience.

Experts at your fingertips

Don’t concern yourself with the minutiae of your remote office’s IT infrastructure. Our qualified and experienced technicians will handle that so you can go on running your business. We offer our full suite of services entirely remotely including end-user management, user monitoring and comprehensive security software and implementation.

You’ll be given exclusive and unlimited access to our 24/7 support and maintenance service, giving you peace of mind that if you do require assistance – our expert technicians will be ready to facilitate your requests. Providing quality solutions is what we strive for here at AWD, and never come up short.

Through remote desktop software such as Citrix, we can assess your issues and form complete and well-thought-out strategies on how to remedy any issues you may have. Worried about malicious agents penetrating your infrastructure? We offer several levels of security for all types of businesses so you can choose the amount of protection you want on your network.

Treat your remote office to the same level of care you would your normal office and get in touch with AWD today!

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