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Endless possibilities

Distinguish yourself from your competitors, build the authority of your brand, or harness the connective potential of your site with a custom-built web application. With an in-house team of professional designers, developers, and technical implementation professionals who have experience building a diverse range of web applications, the possibilities are endless at AWD.

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Custom design: A lot of web companies offer application development services, but they often rely on pre-built templates which don’t necessarily fit your business model, or, if they’re a smaller provider, rely on frameworks which are too simplistic for the project at hand. This generally results in compromised security and performance. At AWD, we combine the personalised service standards of a boutique company with enterprise grade web application development tools that allow us to create custom applications perfectly tailored to the needs of your company.

Legacy conversion: Embrace the efficiency, simplicity and power of the web by converting your legacy system into a state of the art web application. AWD have extensive experience ‘webifying’ legacy systems such as access databases by analysing the existing system and then converting it into a web based application.

Why choose AWD?

Some of the key advantages of choosing to work with AWD include:


By separating different site functions across multiple secure servers, we can maximise the performance of large scale applications without compromising website function.


We’ve been building web applications from the ground up for more than a decade, so we have plenty of practice designing web apps which not only stand the test of time, but grow and evolve as your business does.


Web applications built by AWD are second to none when it comes to security and data protection. All our applications are built on highly secure platforms and once established, are monitored and managed by our locally based IT team.


Most companies sell pre-built web applications which clients have to adapt their business processes to in order to use. At AWD, we believe that web applications should be built to suit the way your business operates, not the other way around.

We work with a wide range of technologies