Moving Mission-Critical Applications to the Cloud

In the current market, the ability to use new cloud technologies to meet the demand of critical business applications while also proactively dealing with risk and reducing complexity is key. As we see rapid development in the cloud, we will see a range of innovative approaches coming out in order to address the demands of the mission-critical app. But what do enterprises and private clouds need in order to addresses the requirements of these apps in shared and virtualised environments? Check out the three most important steps below:

1. Address availability with innovation

Mission-critical apps always require high availability with no exceptions, and it is inconsistency in availability that has proved such a major obstacle to companies’ shifting more apps to the cloud. The idea of software-defined availability is most useful here where failure prevention and recovery are separated out, so that mainframe-like availability levels can utilise commodity hardware in a dynamic cloud space. The advantage here is that the app does not need to go through a whole new design process, which makes for a much more efficient and cost-effective process.

2. Strengthen orchestration capacity

An important aspect of success for mission-critical apps is being able to manage cloud resources. If this is not executed properly the risk is that some data travelling in the cloud may go to the wrong place, or arrive where it is meant to arrive only at the wrong time. Businesses need to have the capacity to increase or decrease app availability requirements conducive to current demand, which is going to need to lead to a shift in mindset to ‘application configuration’ so that configuration happens independently.

3. Develop open sources

Moving mission-critical apps to the cloud often saves you money, however, the use of technology that comes at a high cost and requires ongoing fees cancels out this major benefit. If you can make use of open technologies that don’t require expensive payment, such as OpenStack and Linux, you’ll be able to develop cloud spaces using innovative solutions that won’t eat into your profit.

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