How SMB’s Can Secure Against Cyberattacks: Part II

Welcome to part two of our SMB cybersecurity trilogy. Following on from our last article, we’re going to be looking at five more crucial elements that should be considered when protecting your business against cyber threats.

Computer updates

One of the easiest attack vectors that malicious agents can take advantage of is outdated software. Always keep your operating system and software up to date to ensure they’re as secure as possible. Enable automatic updates and avoid putting them off. The sooner they’re done the better.

Advanced endpoint security

Any internet-facing device that you or your employers own is a potential security vulnerability – especially as cyber attackers are finding more advanced ways of infiltrating your business. Endpoint devices could be smartphones, servers or even smartwatches. AWD can help you implement the correct endpoint security methods to combat viruses, malware and file-less script-based threats.

Dark web research

Credentials and business information are always being circulated around the dark web – staying in the loop is a sure way to stay ahead of malicious agents who’re looking to take advantage of you or your business. Our dark web research service allows us to proactively scan the dark web and take action when necessary should any of your information be found.

Security incident & event management

Know what’s happening in your network with a comprehensive management system that will allow you to track company login times and information – allowing unidentified or unauthorised login attempts to be actioned in real-time.

Cloud-based web gateway security

Cloud-based security offers cutting edge precision when it comes to combatting unwanted viruses and malware – detecting threats originating from email or web vectors and blocking them almost instantly before they have a chance to infect your systems.

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