Cleaning House – IT Housekeeping tips

As is the case for your house or apartment, cleaning and maintenance is very important for keeping your business IT equipment running smoothly. Without regular housekeeping, you may find your PCs, Macs, laptops and other devices get slow to respond, load and boot up over time. So what can you do?

Spring cleaning

Just like anything else, IT equipment collects dust over time. Unlike other work tools, PCs usually use air cooling to keep their components running – so it’s important to keep the airways dust-free. A solid blast of compressed air can be enough to remove most loose debris.

Hardware housekeeping

Over time, you might collect a lot of random items on your desk – and it’s the same for your hard drive. Your Temporary Files folder can get bloated with large media files. Clearing this folder out can free up some much-needed disk space.

Pest Control – Protecting against malware

Would you allow pests to live in your house? Probably not. Likewise, you wouldn’t want viruses infecting your PCs or Macs. Malware scans can go a long way towards identifying and eliminating infected items – and with so many free scanners available, there really is no excuse for not protecting your business IT equipment with these solutions.

Stay up to date

Most software providers deliver regular updates to patch issues that arise over time. Left unprotected, these gaps in security can give viruses and malicious software a foothold in your IT infrastructure. This means it is important to keep up to date with system updates and security patches. With automatic updates available on most systems, it’s a simple click-and-forget solution.

Tidy up your disk

Can you work with a messy desk? Maybe – but it probably takes you a lot longer to find things, which is a problem if you’re in a hurry. The same happens with your disk space. Through everyday usage, your files get spread out all over the place, and can take a long time to find. Using disk defragmentation tools is a great way to boost your PC responsiveness, and most can be set up to run at a scheduled time, so they won’t interrupt your work.

AWD’s IT support team can identify any problems areas in your current IT infrastructure and carry out the following services in order to resolve these issues and make your business more efficient:

  • isolate and remove malware and viruses
  • provide virus protection
  • disk drive analysis
  • resolve speed issues
  • email and connectivity issues
  • perform system and software updates
  • monitor and improve security
  • perform memory or hard disk upgrades to your hardware.

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