Choosing the Best Antivirus For your Business

With computer hacks becoming more and more sophisticated, it’s little surprise that the array of antivirus software available in recent years has taken a staggering leap. Antivirus applications represent one of the most important kinds of software you can invest in for your IT system, as it protects your valuable information from hackers and malware. But how do you know which antivirus package is right for you and your business? Here we offer some advice on choosing the right antivirus for your business…

Free or paid?

One of the decisions you’ll be faced with when deciding which antivirus program will best protect your IT system is whether you want to use a free product, or are prepared to pay to secure your data and business from threats. There are many free options available on the market, but is important to be aware that they might not have as many features as a paid version, and may provide you with only basic security. Which option you choose will depend on the unique IT needs of your business, your budget, the level of privacy your information requires and the value it holds to your business.

Go with what you know

There’s a reason that several big brands are dominating the antivirus market, and it’s that they’re good at what they do. Software from a reputable company is subject to public scrutiny and there are websites where you can test and rank them, meaning you can make informed decisions about their protection, performance and usability. Particularly when headed down the free software route, be wary of malware products that pose as antivirus software, infecting your computer when they are downloaded.

Exercise basic IT security practices

No matter how good your antivirus software is, it shouldn’t come at the expense of employing basic security practices. Ensure that your team is adequately briefed on how to conduct themselves safely on the internet, and how to recognise potential threats. It’s also important that you familiarise your team with the antivirus program you have chosen, explaining what it does and how it works. Like any software, antivirus is only effective when implemented correctly and updated on a regular basis.

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