Many businesses accumulate a network of hardware without much forward thought, adding new computers, printers, servers and routers as the need arises. Whilst this approach ensures that the immediate needs of the business are met, often it underestimates the capabilities of the existing hardware investments, and may act against efficiency by creating a hardware bloat or misdirecting investment away from more crucial solutions.

Our network consultancy services go to the engine room of your company's productivity and determines how to improve this networks functionality, its design, its performance and offers recommendations for upgrades or adjustments that will benefit your business.

Key Benefits

Purposeful Design

Rather than maintaining a legacy implementation AWD overhauls your infrastructure to ensure that each artefact is implemented with a function-first intent.

Smarter Investment

Only buy the hardware you need. We determine which upgrades can be bypassed by amending your existing network for optimal performance. Speedier connections, more uptime and less disconnects means higher productivity.

Infrastructure Management

We create a roadmap of your future IT expansion requirements.. When upgrades or additions are required our team project manages the whole process. We go through every step of your upgrade from conception to completion.

Risk Identification & Reduction

Our experienced team investigates your network security preparedness and puts a spotlight on overlooked vulnerabilities that could leave your network exposed. Once weaknesses are identified we take action to mitigate your risk exposure.


Following an AWD intake assessment we can provide guidance on the best allocation of resources, investment and vulnerabilities. This forms the foundation of our IT strategy.


As part of the auditing process we collate all the necessary documentation for administering your network. This snapshot of your current environment allows your business to centralise information and act as a point of reference for future technical troubleshooting.


Need to change offices, we can manage migration of your hardware and network across to your new location to avoid any downtime.

Project Management

As your network infrastructure ages, or your needs change, you will need to reconsider your organisations requirements. AWD takes a consultative approach to determine you needs, we then perform an audit and identify the gaps between your current capabilities, and your needs. The implementation of the changes to fill this network need are all managed by AWD's team from auditing to testing, from migration to installation, our project management team oversees your network upgrades.

IT Audit and Review

Determining where best to invest your network can be complicated. Our expert team reviews your existing IT infrastructure and determines how to achieve your company goals with a combination of refinements, and if necessary, upgrades. When our team finishes out IT network Audit we discuss the options with you, and together we decide which option matches your short-term, long-term and current business goals and budgets.

Network Security Audit and Review

Identifying vulnerabilities in your network is an essential step in any IT network strategy. Our team reviews your current network hardware and software to determine any points of weakness which warrant attention. As part of our Network Security audit you will receive our recommendations for taking actions to mitigate or eradicate these vulnerabilities. The goal is to prevent hackers, data corruption, malware and other negative outcomes before they eventuate by locating and acting on potential weaknesses before they are exploited. Resolving the issue may be as simple as upgrading software to their latest versions, or it may involve a systemic overhaul with new hardware. In any event AWD can project manage the solution from conception to completion.

IT Audits includes but is not limited to:

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery audit
  • IT Infrastructure audit
  • Desktop infrastructure audit
  • General practice IT Security audit
  • Software licensing and compliance audit

IT Infrastructure Design and Implementation

Many Small to Medium Businesses have developed sophisticated IT infrastructure on an Ad Hoc basis. When AWD takes on new clients we review their existing implementation and design and look for methods to improve and streamline each facet, and the overarching system as a whole.

Network Installation and Upgrades

When your current network has been audited and evaluated we can begin taking action to remedy any and all shortfalls. Our IT team will add the additional hardware and software required for your It infrastructure to meet your company's growing needs. Often we find that simply repurposing the existing network to make full use of its capacity is sufficient, with upgrades needed in software only. We will talk to you about the solutions which are needed, and project manage any and all upgrades.