Managing IT in-house can be expensive, time-consuming and counter-productive. Unless your core business is IT Support, why maintain your own IT department?

Why Choose AWD

AWD has 16 years experience managing Business IT for Small to Medium Businesses.

Outsource your IT needs to a company that specialises in making sure your business has a fast network, up-to-date software and hardware, and that can provide onsite, on demand support to your business.

When you engage AWD you not only gain a stable of experts in IT, Web Design & Internet Marketing, you gain a partner in growth.

Our IT team understands the need for scalable IT infrastructure, speedy internet connections and manageable workflows. Our web team understands the value of creating a custom branded online presence that is user-friendly and connotes a professional modern company. Our Digital Marketing team works with you to find your target audience and expand your market share.

We know that we rise with the success of our clients, and we invest in your success accordingly.

Virus Protection

Disk Drive Analysis

Security Patch Management

Application Usage

System Auditing

Backup and Disaster Recovery

User Policy Enforcement

Fixed Cost IT Managed Services

Managing your internal IT needs can be cumbersome for Office Managers, and cost prohibitive for business owners considering hiring IT management internally. By outsourcing IT to our Melbourne experts you get access to a company's worth of experience of end-to-end IT solutions at a reasonable price. Based on an initial consultation and assessment we provide a quote so that you can plan your company's financial future with confidence.

The benefits of Fixed Cost IT Managed Services

Budgeting simplified - with our fixed cost IT you can plan your fiscal future with confidence.

No more unpredictable charges - with a fixed cost plan we bundle all the likely IT events and issues you would expect. If we recommend activities that go beyond the scope of your contract we will advise you first and let you make an informed choice. don't be surprised by charges.

No need to hire - when you outsource IT to AWD you no longer need to worry about recruitment or training. Take care of your core business, let us manage your IT.