IT Support Helpdesk

Telephone and email support

Remote IT Support

Remote computer desktop assistance

Onsite IT Support

One of our technicians will go on-site to perform scheduled maintenance or emergency support.

Remote Helpdesk support

When you are experiencing minor technical issues and you need them resolved promptly, sometimes an onsite visit is less appealing than being able to reach an expert over the phone. For client convenience and prompt service delivery, AWD offers its clients Remote helpdesk support services. This allows our qualified and experienced IT staff the capability of accessing network devices (Core infrastructure, workstations etc) remotely to resolve issues in a timely and reliable manner.

On-Site Support

When your technical issues are unable to be resolved using remote support they may require a more hands-on approach. Our Australia-based IT technical support team will visit your location and provide onsite support, diagnosing and resolving the issue in person. Make full use of your IT infrastructure by partnering with an IT support company with National coverage.

Network Infrastructure and Desktop Support

Your network infrastructure describes the web of interconnected hardware in your organization including your computers, your internet connections, your servers, your printers, your routers and so on. The design of your network infrastructure can work for or against efficiency, our team will audit your network to ensure you are achieving the maximum use of its capabilities and identify areas where upgrades can make noticeable improvements.

Our support and maintenance service ensures that your companies IT infrastructure is always performing at its most optimum level. AWD IT staff will continuously monitor the network and ensure that all devices are maintained and supported correctly to reduce the possibility of occurrence of any issues and down time. Monitoring the infrastructure can be performed either onsite or remotely. Issues will be identified early and resolved to reduce any possible impact the day to day running of your organisation.

Some of the activities may include the following:

  • We identify problems and resolve,
  • isolate and remove malware and viruses,
  • resolve speed issues,
  • email and connectivity issues,
  • perform system and software updates,
  • monitor and improve security,
  • perform memory or hard disk upgrades to your hardware.
  • Etc.

Desktop Support

Client desktop's form an important part of any organization. Prevent virus, spams and other hardware or software issues. Prevent failures and have the AWD support group save you time and money by analyzing your computers and proactively take the required measures to prevent unwanted issues. Support activities will provide higher performance, increase employ productivity and improve efficiency.

Desktop computers, acts as an important and core part in any organization. And in your ongoing business process there may be a possibility that your computers may come across with viruses, spams and other hardware's or software issues resulting in delaying response of your computers or a total failure. This may be an annoying factor at crucial times and hiring the IT engineers or staff to solve such problems might prove as an expensive and time consuming solution.

AWD can support different operating systems such as:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • OS X
  • Linux
  • Unix

Infrastructure Support

Your IT infrastructure is the lifeblood of your business. Any downtime in your organization's network can be costly, frustrating and slow productivity.

To ensure great uptime, increased efficiency, and reduce roadblocks AWD proactively monitors, maintains and upgrades your network. This ongoing monitoring ensures issues are identified quickly and appropriate action taken. Our auditing ensures that future bottlenecks or security concerns are identified and remedied, that any potential future needs are earmarked, and your business can scale with peace of mind.

Our technical teams can assist with a range of needs including:

  • Wireless Networks
  • VPN and Remote Access
  • Network Planning and Design
  • Network Security