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Is Your Business Safe from Ransomware/CryptoLocker?

There has been a recent rise in the number of businesses in Australia falling victim to a seemingly unbreakable virus known as 'CryptoLocker'. This destructive Trojan Horse is a new family of ransomware - a type of malware that prevents or limits businesses from accessing their system(s) until a ransom is paid.

How does your computer get infected by Ransomware / CryptoLocker?

CryptoLocker and variations infect computers through programs and emails that appear to come from credible sources such as Australia Post, Banks, Energy companies. When you receive an email, it comes with an attached .exe file, archive or image. There is usually a notification or request from the brand, delivery service or institution. When you open an attachment in the message a virus gets triggered and most likely your files are being encrypted in the background. Once the encryption process is complete and your computer is infected, your screen becomes blocked with a banner demanding payment by a certain date in exchange for having your files decrypted.

Attacked by Ransomware / CryptoLocker? Let Us Help.

If the banner demanding a ransom appears on your screen, your computer has already been infected and your files are now encrypted. You should not follow any instructions that appear on your screen or attempt to pay the ransom requested as viruses still stay on your system. Contact our IT support team immediately on 1300 855 651 and we will arrange a security breach call-out to your business.

How we can protect your data from a CryptoLocker like attack

Protect your valuable data and safeguard your business before it's too late. By conducting a security assessment of your IT environment, our technicians can evaluate whether your IT security infrastructure is equipped to withstand all kinds of threats (including CryptoLocker and other malware & viruses) and provide recommendations for protecting your data and systems.

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Security breach call-outs and assessments start from $250* + GST.

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