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Cloud Services

Get access to all your data from wherever you are. Using cloud services you can decouple your workplace from your work and start doing business from everywhere and anywhere.

What are the benefits?

Access Everywhere

Wherever there's an internet connection your staff can access your cloud-based network


Lower Overheads

Rather than investing in the necessary hardware to power a business, cloud networking allows you the option to utilize AWD’s hardware to power your team.


Ease of Upgrade

Rather than needing to reinvest in your network infrastructure your business can piggyback on upgrades made by AWD. Upgrades are all made remotely by AWD without any action needed by your team.


More Uptime

Keep your business moving with non-stop uptime. with a cloud solution there is no need to schedule your own back-ups, or worry about data loss. We have you covered.


Data Restoration

With multiple points of backup you are insulated against any malicious attacks. We can restore your business data to keep you operating, no matter the circumstances.

Complete Hosted IT Network Infrastructure

For many businesses the appeal of cloud hosting seems obvious: its available everywhere. By using a completely cloud-based solution businesses can remain lightweight and decentralise their workplace giving staff more flexible access to information and software.

Cloud Hosted Exchange

Your business is always moving - from meeting to meeting, from device to device, from office to office. A cloud-based email exchange allows you to access your email wherever you may roam. Take your business with you,catch up on your inbox on your commute, or simply enjoy the peace-of-mind of having your email backed-up and available whenever you need it.

Cloud Based Backup and Business Continuity

We understand the importance of uptime and business continuity to your business and its customers. By using cloud-based backup you can ensure your business' data is always available. When you use a cloud-based solution with AWD we store your data in multiple locations to ensure that even if one server location goes down, your business doesn't.


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Cloud Security

Ensure the integrity of your essential information and network. Prevent would-be hackers and malware from accessing your company’s business intelligence by housing behind secured encryption.


AWD not only has first level protections in the form of spam-blocking and permission controls, we ensure secure communication between your internal staff and your clientele with leading security software and encryption technology.