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Business VoIP Services

VoIP lets you combine voice, data and video applications from a single managed service. VoIP (Voice Over IP) allows you to use make telephone calls over your IP network. By combining your communications services you will enjoy a cost-effective and easy to use business solution that will cater for all your company requirements.

What are the benefits?

Help Reduce Costs:

  • Spend less by using online conferencing through the VoIP Service
  • Add additional telephones for your organisation with easy
  • Allow employees to communicate more frequently
  • VoIP offers all the features you require such as:
    • Voice mail
    • Caller ID
    • Conferencing
    • Forwarding
    • Unlimited long distant calls at a competitive price
  • Benefits:
    • With VoIP implemented on your IP network reduce your management costs as you only have one network to manage
    • Save money on long distant calls
    • Save money on internal calls
    • Reduce relocation costs or changing phone extensions
    • Save time and money when expending your organisation and adding additional sites or new employees
    • Improve customer services and productivity by having access anywhere to communications/phone systems

Cost Effective

Save on expensive telephone call costs by bypassing the carriers entirely.


Minimal Investment

No need for expensive software, we can install a VoIP system that runs on your existing networks and technology.



Your new VoIP system can replicate the features of your existing telecommunications systems but with some additional benefits including teleconferencing, database, CRM and email integration.


Cheap Scalability

As your workforce grows you can add new lines without significant expense.